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Trucks on the Tundra

TOOLIK FIELD STATION, ALASKA– The field station maintains a small fleet of trucks to access field sites adjacent to the nearby Dalton Highway. These trucks have camp names such as, “Blue Dog, Bandit, Cadillac and Turtle.” Most are old clunkers, like the truck in this video (Blue Dog, GMC c. 1986). Join our field crew as we ponder the possibility that our beloved borrowed truck will not start to safely return us to the field station. If we can’t return to Toolik Lake via the camp truck, are we forever stranded on the tundra?

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Blue Dog.

Sayuri, me, and Joel.
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  1. I learned of the Exploritorium website from Kim Komando.
    I have enjoyed viewing the video blogs from the Alaska Tundra and Greenland scientists.
    Thanks Amy & Friends

  2. Hi Amy,
    We learned about this site from your mom (as we are WNBA fans too). We so enjoyed your info on the trucks and also the Oxen story. Thanks for the work that you’re doing!
    Fans in Maine..JJ & Pam

  3. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting article