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Pressure Ridges

SOUTH POLE STATION, ANTARCTICA– Before I left McMurdo, I got a tour of the pressure ridges near Scott Base (the New Zealand station very close to McMurdo). The pressure ridges are formed by tidal forces — there is a thick sheet of sea ice which meets the land, and tidal forces cause the ice to buckle. Members of the New Zealand base use flags to map out a safe route, and we were allowed to walk around these marvelous ice formations one evening. Our guide was Peggy Malloy. The trip was a lot of fun!

Aerial view of McMurdo Station (US – brown buildings) and Scott Base (NZ – green buildings).

View of Scott Base from the pressure ridges.

Pressure ridges.

Flags to map out a safe route through the pressure ridges.

Another photo of these marvelous ice formations.

Me and my guide, Peggy Malloy.
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  1. Beautiful pictures, thank you, my grandsons Chris and Brenden would like to go to Antartica, perhaps some day when they grow up. Have a Happy Summer!