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Cassandra BrooksCassandra Brooks is a marine scientist and science writer based in California. She began studying Antarctic marine resources when she was a graduate student at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) in Moss Landing, California. Cassandra's graduate work focused on life history and population structure of Antarctic toothfish. Her research provided information on their age, growth, and spatial distribution, which she hopes will facilitate sustainable management of this important Antarctic species. Cassandra also participates in krill and finfish cruises off the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula for the United States Antarctic Marine Living Resources Program (AMLR).

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Going Ashore

SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS-- By far one of the biggest treats for those of us on the boat is getting ashore and visiting the sub-Antarctic field… {Read More »}

Zooplankton Soup

SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Krill get all the fame and glory as far as Southern Ocean zooplankton are concerned, and they certainly deserve it. But they only… {Read More »}

The Most Remote Fishery on Earth

SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Antarctic fish are a strange and fascinating breed, drawing scientists from all over the world to study their unique polar adaptations. Many Antarctic… {Read More »}

Whale Break

SOUTHERN OCEAN-- After a full night of sorting krill, those of us on the night crew went out on deck in the early morning light.… {Read More »}

A World of Ice {in Pictures}

I stepped out on deck this morning to find the sea fog had finally lifted, revealing an immense ocean of ice: the world of Antarctica.… {Read More »}

It’s All About the Krill

There are 19 scientists on board the Yuzhmorgeologiya and we’re all dedicated to studying Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) and their ecosystem. I am on the… {Read More »}

Bouts of Bad Weather

Last night we arrived at our destination, South Orkney Islands, northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula. In most years the AMLR cruises just survey the South… {Read More »}

The Remoteness Factor

Dawn- 5am We are having a calm voyage across the Drake Passage with gentle seas and brisk air. As I stand outside, there is nothing… {Read More »}

In Transit

Antarctica, being the most remote continent on earth, is by no means easy to get to. From California, I traveled two days by plane to… {Read More »}

Preparing for the Expedition

On February 11th, 2008, I will join the AMLR scientists in Punta Arenas, the southernmost town in Chile. We will then depart on a charted… {Read More »}