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Adrienne BlockAdrienne Block is happiest when standing in the pathways of glaciers, both ancient and modern. She is studying for a PhD at Columbia University where she rediscovered her interest in what happens beneath the ice. Although she has traveled to Antarctica before, this trip marks her first trip into the deep field and her first opportunity to attempt to hug the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

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Out of AGAP

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- The problem with going to remote places is that no one wants to come pick you up... {Read More »}

Our Series of Unfortunate Events

AGAP-SOUTH CAMP, ANTARCTICA– On January 6th, we sat around after dinner discussing how miraculous it was that nothing had gone wrong. This clearly was the cosmic queue for everything to go wrong in the next 27 hours... {Read More »}

A Typical Day in an Atypical Place

AGAP-SOUTH CAMP, ANTARCTICA– Once we began flying at AGAP, we quickly got into a routine of collecting data, downloading, archiving and running a quality control procedure. We are operating 24 hours a day in two teams... {Read More »}

AGAP South: Population 42

AGAP-SOUTH CAMP, ANTARCTICA-- There are finally planes in the airspace of AGAP-South! We flew our first survey lines during the transit of scientists from Pole to our main camp. With the first flight, came the first observation of... {Read More »}

The South Pole and Beyond

SUMMER CAMP, SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- So, perhaps I was a bit ahead of schedule when I referred to Friday as the Eve of Discovery. Since then, AGAP has been playing the waiting game... {Read More »}

The Eve of Discovery

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- It has been a rollercoaster week. This time last Friday, I would have been desperate to get my hands on some data. I was the kid that asks for homework. I was aimless and lost without it... {Read More »}

My Snow School Experience

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- I think part of the magic of this being my second trip to Antarctica is how, thus far, it has been completely unique to my last trip... {Read More »}

From the Top of the Rock to the Bottom of the World

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK-- In New York City, fall is just beginning its descent into winter. Last night we sank below 40 degrees for the first time and back in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, it’s beginning to snow. Each time I clutch my scarf a little tighter to protect me from the wind,... {Read More »}