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Static Scarf

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA– (By Ron Hipschman) I met Mary and Lisa for breakfast and Mary is bending over looking at her scarf. Watch the video to find out what she sees.

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The air is so dry here at McMurdo that anything that gets charged, stays charged. Moist air quickly discharges objects because the water in the air picks up charge from an object and quickly flies away, taking charges with it. This does not happen here. We are constantly getting shocks from our clothing, our bedding and when we exit vehicles.

Mary’s scarf, which is made of silk, became charged as she rubbed it while putting it on. The fringed ends, all charged the same, repelled each other. An entertaining effect!

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  1. I Live in Houston and I always get shocked in the winter time like described there in Antarctica. I could not imagine getting shocked at all times. Today it was 31 F. It actually snowed in Houston (humidity). I bet that it doesn’t snow much in Antarctica.

  2. The video was cool; but I wouldn’t like getting shocked all the time!