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SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA– Here are some photos of the night skies at the South Pole.

South Pole Telescope (SPT) with a half moon

Early auroras over the Atmospheric Research Observatory (ARO)

Full moon rising over the Clean Air Sector

Dusk at ARO

The drift creeping up to the station

Managing my way around the snow drifts at ARO’s entrance

Starry skies with the LIDAR in view at ARO (similar to a radar but it’s a laser)

A view of the station from ARO

ARO and the meteorological tower with vivid aurora
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  1. Hi Nick. Thanks for the sky pictures. I especially enjoyed the long dusk photos Can you see Venus from the South Pole now? We in the California see it as the evening star.

  2. HI Nick, thanks for these gorgeous pix of the aurora. I had not realized it’s so vivid! Here in NYC we have the summer beginning with Memorial Day, and the Navy in town for Fleet Week, also flying weird aircraft over the Hudson River. And it’s nearly 90 F. No problem with jet fuel freezing here. The moon has been very clear, we’ve had low humidity the past few nights past the full. It’s hard to imagine the SP, I admire you winterovers! The American Museum of Natural HIstory has just mounted an exhibit about the Amundsen & Scott expeditions, what was Scott’s remark, “this is an awful place!” or did he say “dreadful”… I haven’t seen the show yet but hope to get there soon. Happy Memorial Day!

  3. Hi Mark,

    Yeah I think Venus is somewhere up there. Jupiter is actually very bright and hovers just above the horizon. It’s easy to spot because it’s not mixed in with a lot of stars being that low on the horizon.

  4. Dorothy,

    Thanks for the comment. I can see how Scott would say this is a dreadful place. I would probably say the same thing if I was starving with scurvy and just got done trekking 800 miles in the coldest place on earth only then just to have to turn around and head back! Happy Memorial Day from the South Pole to you too!

  5. hi nick, wonderful pictures..thank you very much.. here in germany the summer starts very late.. this weekend we will have the first real warm summer days.. .wish you a good time… hope to see new pictures soon…bye

  6. Hi Dacy,

    Thanks for rubbing it in haha. I’m originally from Wisconsin which I imagine has a similar climate to Germany. Summers are short there too but it sure makes you appreciate them! Luckily I’ll get to spend some Southern Hemisphere summer time in New Zealand before I head back to the States when it’s winter again. Although, I will be moving to Florida which is pretty nice in January.

    The weather hasn’t been too good for pictures lately but I’ll try to get some more as soon as I can!