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Pack Those Bags…Tomorrow We Go!

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND– We got all of gear organized and we are scheduled to fly to McMurdo Station, Antarctica tomorrow! This video gives you an idea of what we will be wearing at WAIS Divide. Where we will be working, the temperature is usually around -30°C so we are going to need lots of clothing! Watch Mr. Cox from Heritage High School in Vancouver, Washington as he demonstrates what we will be wearing on a typical day when we are working at camp. Hopefully we will all stay warm.

A little about Tommy: Tommy Cox is a core handler/science technician with the WAIS Divide Ice Core Project. Back home, he is a student teacher at Heritage High School. He teaches/assists in five periods of chemistry and one period of forensic science. Tommy is always saying that the he has the best students. For all of you at Heritage High, Mr. Cox says, “Go T-Wolves!!!”

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  1. Great video! I personally like the elf booties. However, I think I’d still be cold. Killer hat Tommy.

  2. Tommy,
    Your life looks a lot more interesting in Anartica than my life here at UNR in Reno. I’m glad you can be be involved in such a useful and intersting learning experience. You and later your students will benefit greatly from it. Still thinking about Peace Corps as well?
    Dr. Robinson

  3. Awesome getup! ^_^ Stay warm down there!!

  4. Looking good with all those layers! Stay AWAY FROM THE PENGUINS!

  5. Looking good Tommy. Hoping you are staying warm! :) Cindy

  6. It’s -15 degrees Celsius or about 4 degrees F and this is the typical daily temperature on the ice sheet. And you acclimate to the weather surprisingly fast – I’ve been here maybe two weeks and already I’m walking around in t-shirts and no shoes…

  7. Antarctica’s finest fashion! thanks for sharing this great video. I want some of the those thermals!