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Pack It Up, Pack It In!

December 20, 2008
Temperature: -27 deg C (-16.6 deg F) ; Wind: 8.0 m/s (17.9 mph)


Another concerted effort today to get the train packed up. We will have an open house this evening for our fellow residents of the South Pole, and so we are also trying to clean up a little bit.

We’ve had visitors stop by quite often while we’ve been here — today some folks from IceCube stopped by, and the day before that, members of the Heavy Traverse, which pulled over one million pounds of cargo from McMurdo to here, came by as well. Today will be a little more formal, with everyone at the station invited.

The last of the cargo is making its way to the sleds, and we will also (with any luck) do a last test of the radar systems tomorrow on a little longer test drive. Then we’ll pack up the radar equipment and get on down the road.

Anna Sinisalo prepares her radar system for the last radar test tomorrow on Sembla.
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