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IPY: The Next Generation, Pt. 2

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND– In May 2008, I attended the Next Generation of Polar Researchers Symposium : an IPY workshop for young polar scientists.

Early career researchers involved with different types of research in the Arctic and Antarctic were able to discuss research ideas with one another and form partnerships for future scientific collaboration.

We are the polar scientists of tomorrow (and today) and we all have ideas we’d like to put into action.

To get a feel for some of the questions motivating young polar scientists, have a look at this video. I simply asked each workshop participant to tell me (in one sentence!) what they hope to understand through their research.

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  1. Wow, this is an amazing cast of characters with such a diverse range of interests. I’m taken by the scientist who studies “power structures in Antarctica.” What can that possibly mean?

  2. great stuff billy. i still want to hear more about your experience at the symposium!

  3. awesome. these all sound like such interesting topics to study, perhaps a career change is in order for me…seriously, it’s nice to know that there are such dedicated people out there studying things that will most likely have a MAJOR impact on our generation and generations to come. climate change is serious business–it helps to have lots of bright people out there on the case!