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Interview with Todd Carmichael

SOUTH POLE STATION, ANTARCTICA– In November 2008, adventurer Todd Carmichael set out to become the first American to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole solo and unassisted. The South Pole was 600 nautical miles away. Just several miles into the journey, his ski bindings broke. He continued on foot. Shelby Handlin and I interviewed him in South Pole medical on December 23, 2008.

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  1. Riveting, fantastic, funny, insightful. Thanks Mark & Shelby for capturing, and of course to Todd for his openness.

  2. WOW! what can anyone say. You’re incredible. Glad you made it, yes it must be surreal, my 8 year old grandson Chris , is excited and surprised that you undertook such an adventure. Our best wishes to you, Chris says hi and that you are sure brave. To all Antartic personnel have a Happy Summer, while we’ll have a nice Autumn and Winter. Best of luck, my other grandson Brenden, he’s 7 years old, also says hi and good luck.

  3. moved by the story and the man…wish more like him around

  4. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. What got me most was how when you got so near your goal, how you felt fear. How many of us, when we have a dream to achieve, stop short because of a fear of the unknown, or a fear of accomplishment? or a fear of taking the next step into your future. The fear of Success?