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ABOARD THE JOIDES RESOLUTION, ON THE BERING SEA– It was remarkable how many people showed up for the kite contest today. It started as a trickle of people as folks wrapped up what they were working on in the labs and on the drill floor, and before long the heli-deck was packed.

There was one rule on kite day: fly your kite.

The judges wandered around checking everything out and taking notes. Several categories had been announced in advance and on the spot creativity could result in additional recognition. The variety of kites was pretty impressive, especially considering the scarcity of building materials to make them.

Aside from the hazard of crossed lines and heavy kites sometimes flying hard into the ground, it was great fun. Captain Alex broke things up by launching a flare into the midst of the kites! At one point a pod of whales showed up on the starboard side, but at the front of the ship. Not sure if they were Minke whales or orcas though. They were kind of far off.

It was the most pure fun we’ve had in quite a while. Everyone’s energy was high. I think the key to making us happy here on the ship is having something different to do. Variety indeed seems to be the spice of life on board the JR. It wasn’t the prettiest of days, but it was perfect to watch some of the best kites disappear into the gray cloud cover.

I wish I had more to say about it, but I am exhausted and ready for some sleep. Hope you enjoy some videos of our kite adventure. So here are the winners if you don’t want to watch the whole video! Check out more photos on the JOIDES Resolution Facebook page.

* Most Dangerous Kite – Jamie Smidt and Carlos Alvarez Zarikian
* Most Acrobatic Kite – Rey Villa
* Smallest Kite – Doug LaVigne
* Most Spectacular Crash – Bill Mills
* Highest Flying Kite – Jerry Mayuga
* Most Colorful Kite – Kelsie Dadd
* Most Creative Kite – Christina Ravelo
* “You must be joking?!?” – Laura Wehrmann and Emily Walsh
* Most Innovative – Hirofumi Asahi and Makoto Okada


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