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KANGERLUSSUAQ, GREENLAND– (By Lisa Strong-Aufhauser) While in Kangerlussuaq, I caught a ride on an unusual vehicle going out to pick up our Ice Stories correspondent Billy D’Andrea. I headed out to interview him and see his research site.

Because helicopter time is tight, Logistics scheduled a Hägglund track vehicle to rumble out with a trailer to pick up all the equipment, samples, and even a boat. Jan was our driver. I got shotgun, and Susie Theroux, a graduate student and colleague of Billy’s at Brown University, came along to help find the site and pack up. It was a harrowing ride out, but I did make it back before my flight to Ilulissat the next morning.

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Check back soon for interviews with Billy and Susie about their research at the lakes and the relentless mosquitoes that fed on them.

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  1. Lisa didn’t sound like a happy camper! What an interesting experience…I’d love to be there with you.