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MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA– (By Ron Hipschman) Peggy Malloy is THE person you want to be friends with if you are going out into the field with decent food. She is responsible for the field camp food stores. People who are out in the field need to be supplied with food. LOTS of food! For short stays, this may mean pre-packaged things, but often these camps are out there for months. It would be cruel and unusual punishment to make these world-renowned researchers and their teams exist on beef jerky and melted snow (though you can get the jerky…), and they often rely an a well-stocked pantry to cook their own meals. Soups, seasonings, snacks and raw ingredients are often shipped into the field to be cooked into delicious meals. It’s extra important to have good meals in the field because the hard work and cold temperatures require lots of calorie replenishment and that won’t happen if the food doesn’t taste good.

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  1. Ron if I knew about the food I would have packed you up a large supply of garlic