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Slawek TulaczykSlawek Tulaczyk focuses on the critical role that ice sheets play in climate and sea-level change. A native of Poland, he's a professor in the Earth and Planetary Sciences department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and loves the intellectual and physical challenges of working in remote field sites in Iceland, Greenland, and Antarctica.

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The Skidoo Situation

In this audio dispatch I describe our skidoo mishaps, and how our bad luck was swiftly followed by aid and good fortune. … {Read More »}

Seeing Lake Mercer through the Ice

In this audio dispatch I describe a major achievement in our project: using radar technology to see Lake Mercer beneath the ice, gathering important data… {Read More »}

Mission from Siple Dome

In this audio dispatch, I describe how we were grounded at the Siple Dome airstrip on our way to our field site. As the weather… {Read More »}

Measuring the Lakes beneath the Ice

In this audio dispatch, I describe the work we have been doing since finally reaching our field site. … {Read More »}