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Richard Richard "Chico" Perales , from El Paso, Texas, is a project field coordinator with Polar Field Services, a logistical contractor that supports science research projects in the North and South Poles. His career working in the polar regions began in 1990 at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. In 2003 he began shifting his experience to the Arctic. He is currently involved in the planning and installation of infrastructure for a hydrology project near Barrow, Alaska, that will enable researchers to understand the role of soil moisture in controlling ecosystem carbon balance. Chico begins blogging in April 2008.

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Welcome to the Top of the World

BARROW, ALASKA-- It is late April and I have finally made it to Barrow, Alaska. A place as intriguing as it is far north of… {Read More »}

Outfitting the Adventure

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA-- Scientists that travel to the Arctic to conduct their research have learned that proper planning can be the difference between having a successful… {Read More »}

Land of the Midnight Sun

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA-- The adventure of working in the Arctic supporting scientific research has begun. After a long day of connecting flights I finally made it… {Read More »}

The Arctic Journey Begins

EL PASO, TEXAS-- "You have got to be kidding me." That is what goes through your mind when you literally have to go to the… {Read More »}