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Phil McGillivaryPhil McGillivary is a Coast Guard Icebreaker Science Liaison. He has worked under the auspices of the Office of Naval Research, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, National Park Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and National Marine Fisheries Service, conducting studies in marine geology, marine chemistry, plankton biology, fisheries biology, and physical and acoustic oceanography. Phil holds a PhD in ecology from the University of Georgia.

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Listening for Bowhead Whales

ABOARD THE USCGC HEALY, ON THE BEAUFORT SEA-- Now that we are aboard the HEALY and settled in, while we slept a survey was done running roughly offshore of Barrow. The principal work along this leg was mapping of the seafloor bathymetry with the ship’s multibeam acoustic system... {Read More »}

Sea Ice Dynamics

ABOARD THE USCGC HEALY, ON THE BEAUFORT SEA-- One of the things about the sea ice surrounding HEALY that cannot escape your attention is the fact it is neither all white nor flat and level... {Read More »}

Off to Sea

ABOARD THE USCGC HEALY, ON THE BEAUFORT SEA-- Travel has many pleasures, but as everyone knows, can involve the unexpected... {Read More »}

North to the Future

BARROW, ALASKA-- "North to the Future" is Alaska's State Motto. It seems particularly appropriate now with the changes taking place in the north. You fly in to Barrow first via a stop in Fairbanks, and then Dead Horse... {Read More »}