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Nadine Quintana KrupinskiNadine Quintana Krupinski studies the dynamics of ice sheets and the waterways that exist under glaciers. She's a glaciology Ph.D. student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and enjoys working on isolated glaciers in the world's polar regions.

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The Crevasse Encounter

In this audio dispatch I describe our first (and hopefully last!) encounter with a crevasse. … {Read More »}

Our Voyage to Whillans Ice Stream

In this initial audio dispatch, I describe the long journey to our field camp, the logistics of setting up camp once we got there, and… {Read More »}

Crevasse Safety and Mental llusions

Any time we travel to a new area, we take a series of precautions to avoid crevasses. First, we look at high-resolution radar and visible… {Read More »}

Sighting Lake Mercer, and Skidoo Singing

Yesterday we made a trip to Lake Mercer, the second lake of the four lakes we plan to visit during our field work. The lake… {Read More »}

Flying to Whillans Ice Stream at Last

Yesterday the pilots arrived at Siple Dome at 12:45pm, and they were eager to load the plane and take off as soon as possible. To… {Read More »}

I Think I See a Lake under 800 Meters of Ice

Yesterday we traveled to the first of the four sub-glacial lakes we plan to visit to install GPS instruments and run radar transects. This lake,… {Read More »}

Preparing for Ice Camp

Slawek and I have now been in McMurdo for just over 48 hours. Because of our weather-caused delay, we’re now quite busy making all… {Read More »}

Finally, On the Ice!

After a six-day delay, we arrived yesterday at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The storm that had been preventing our departure finally cleared, and we had a… {Read More »}

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

We’re currently “stuck” in New Zealand, waiting for the weather to clear at McMurdo Station in Antarctica so we can fly in to begin… {Read More »}