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Kathryn Schaffer MiknaitisKathryn Schaffer Miknaitis dreamed of becoming an artist but fell in love with physics in graduate school. She is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chicago's Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics and pursues questions about the origin and history of the universe on the South Pole Telescope team. She arrived at the South Pole in November 2007 and blogged about her work on the telescope until she left in February 2008.

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Dirt and Decay in the Clean Land of Ice

The South Pole is one of the cleanest places I have ever been. Outside, the environment is absolutely pristine and essentially unchanging. There is no… {Read More »}

Unbreakable Beaker: A Scientist’s Life at South Pole Station

The entire South Pole Station exists solely to support science that can only be done in this unique location. The support is phenomenal, from the… {Read More »}