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Jean PennycookJean Pennycook has been a high school science teacher for over 20 years and now works with scientists to bring their research to K-12 classrooms. Through an interactive website, Jean reaches students and the general public around the world bringing them closer to the world of penguins and Antarctica.

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Connecting Antarctic Science to Children

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA-- Most of the time while we are working with penguins in Antarctica, we are in the field at Cape Royds. We live in a tent and sleep on the ground near the breeding colony and it is a magical place for me. As far as we can see in any direction... {Read More »}

Penguin Poop Provides Answers

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA-- Not all of our work is in the field; some requires time in a lab and long hours working with a stereoscope. One of the questions we are trying to answer is what do the penguins eat? In previous times researchers would sacrifice a penguin and examine their stomach contents... {Read More »}

Penguin Sense of Décor

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA-- Male Adélie Penguins were seen this year at Cape Royds on Oct 21. First a trickle then a flood, by mid November most of the nests had been built, the males had found a mate and the eggs were laid... {Read More »}

Penguins in a Changing Climate

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- I've made it down to Antarctica for another season of studying how penguins are coping with global climate change. In this video, I introduce the work we are doing and give a preview of what I'll be reporting on over the next few months... {Read More »}