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Anne JensenAnne Jensen lives and works in Barrow, Alaska. Anne’s field studies have taken her throughout much of Alaska for the past 25 years. Her research in human adaptation in the Arctic includes a long-term project at the prehistoric village site of Nuvuk, where the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas come together. Historic Nuvuk is also the site of a 1,000-year-old burial ground. Hundreds of gravesites are endangered there by erosion, which sometimes removes 50 feet of coastal frontage in a single storm.

Project Page: Ancient Bones and Iñupiaq culture

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How We Know Where to Dig

BARROW, ALASKA-- The Point Barrow spit looks like a sea of gravel with few clues on the surface to tell us where the burials may be. So how do we know where to dig? One way is by digging "shovel test pits"... {Read More »}

First Day in the Field

BARROW, ALASKA-- The first field day started out a bit oddly. The crew gathered, minus the football players among the high school students, who are… {Read More »}

Training with Trowels and Candy

BARROW, ALASKA-- A number of the crew members had never excavated before. One of the fun things about the Nuvuk project is that we hire… {Read More »}

Assembling the Crew and Gear

BARROW, ALASKA-- The last few weeks have gone by very quickly. The local high school students for the crew have been chosen, and the out-of… {Read More »}

What Comes Before

BARROW, ALASKA-- Have you ever seen a report of some amazing new scientific discovery on TV, or read about it in the newspaper or on… {Read More »}