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Antarctic Life: A Look Back At Our Time In the Field, Part 2

The members of our team are now either home or still in the process of making their way there. Looking back at our time in the field here in Antarctica, I want to share some more photos that help illustrate some of my earlier posts and give you a little taste of what life in the field was like.

The Last Stop Before Our Field Site: Life at Siple Dome

Out here, sometimes doing what would be a basic task at home (cooking, for example) takes a little ingenuity and spontaneity…

No electric mixer handy? Use the power drill!
Your feta is frozen in one huge solid block? Use a hammer and crow bar to break off some pieces for dinner!

Compared to our field site, life at Siple Dome was luxurious…

The jamesway (a solid insulated tent with a wooden frame, heating and indoor comforts) at Siple Dome is the cozy center of life there.
Siple Dome has a rustic little outhouse, secured against wind with a cargo strap over the top. Though it may look primitive, this was luxury compared to our later toilet tent in our field camp.

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  1. I looked up Siple Dome and found this site. Good to see it again. How did you like the pull up bar? I was there with Drew and Silver. Nice weather there.