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A Sea of Icebergs

ABOARD THE JOIDES RESOLUTION, OFF THE COAST OF WILKES LAND, ANTARCTICA– We drilled for about 18 hours at the latest site but ran into stormy weather and had to move far offshore to get away from some huge icebergs coming our way. We were in a sea of icebergs — at least 100 icebergs in the vicinity, and the wind started to blow up to 70 knots and waves reached 30 feet. It’s hard to capture the scale of these things on video, but I hope this video update gives at least a sense of what we’re encountering.

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  1. Wonderful blogs and video — we’re enjoying them so much!

    Leslie Peart

  2. Great blogging Rob!!

  3. Wow, now I get the picture — 70 knot winds and 30-foot waves — as sea spray blows out of my big LCD screen. Thanks for getting out on deck to shoot this!

  4. THanks for the updates, and as Lauren said, actually getting out there to capture the video! It’s one thing to READ 70knots and another to see it’s affect.

  5. Very cool video!