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MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA– Our lab is way too busy and crowded to allow this, but the lab with the shared fume hood is not yet occupied, so I was able to set up the camera on a tripod and catch the changing light and activity in front of the station. On October 19th the sun will rise for the last time this year, after that it will be up for 24 hours a day. But for now we still get a little color!

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  1. Wow, such a cool timelapse – how long does it take for the whole town to fill up?

  2. A very cool timelaspse.I loved the pretty cools too.Hope all is going well for you.
    Ann Mishmash

  3. I like the time lapse too! Keep the stories coming —I’m intrigued ( and a little cold whenever I check in ) Ciao!

  4. Stacy -
    I LOVE the timelapse. And hurray! Someone actually uses the tripod. Gives me a warm feeling…

    ~ ~ Lisa

  5. Hi Stacy, The students and I love the video and were wondering what digital equipment you used to get the time lapse effect? We also wanted to tell you that our classroom ROV’s are in teh pond, and we are adjusting motors. Next week is the camera.

  6. Great timelapse! Brings back memories from a year ago. What camera/video equipment did you use??
    Sorry I am not there with you this year, perhaps next. Have a great trip on the ice….
    Kim, last year’s only dentist on Antarctica… the tthferry at yahoo.

  7. Hi Jeffrey,
    About 150 people winter over at McMurdo, staying when the station closes in February. A few flights go in in August, called WinFly, that bring the population up to 300 or so. At the beginning of MainBody, in October, the population burgeons to 1100. It takes about 3 weeks to reach capacity.
    Best, Stacy

  8. Hi Lisa,
    I used the tripod for the interviews with the drillers too, it is a great tool. It works great for planned shots!
    Best, Stacy

  9. Hi Jillian, and also Kim,
    I am using the explOratoriums wonderful Sony HD Handycam, and a tripod of course. It took some research to figure out how to get into “interval mode” and then I had to find a very large chip to record all the images. I used iMovie to make the individual images into a timelapse.
    Best, Stacy