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A Day in the Life of the DISC Drill

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA– Here is a short video that summarizes all of the steps in collecting an ice core using the Deep Ice Sheet Coring (DISC) drill. Thomas Bauska, of Oregon State University helped me put together this video. Enjoy!

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  1. Good job Thomas! I am your cousin in Nebraska. Very proud of you and what you are doing!
    Shari Yates- Morhehead

  2. A fantastic video clip.

    I want to share it with some like minded people, who have not got internet access.

    How can I save it to my PC, please?

    Hoping you canhelp



  3. Hi Eric. We just launched the Ice Stories Polar Media Collection, and it has downloadable versions of this video.

    You can find it here:

    Mark Andrews
    Ice Stories Project Manager

  4. Fascinating video, thank you.

    I am working on a high school research project about polar research, this will be very helpful. Can you tell me, on average, how many years of history are contained in a meter of ice core?