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My Wild Ride

For the last month, one of the major projects on the telescope has been measuring the surface of the 10-meter reflector and adjusting it carefully… {Read More »}

The Skidoo Situation

In this audio dispatch I describe our skidoo mishaps, and how our bad luck was swiftly followed by aid and good fortune. … {Read More »}

Dirt and Decay in the Clean Land of Ice

The South Pole is one of the cleanest places I have ever been. Outside, the environment is absolutely pristine and essentially unchanging. There is no… {Read More »}

Caught in the Storm

WHILLANS ICE STREAM, ANTARCTICA-- In this audio dispatch I describe the storm that temporarily halted our research and left us stranded in our tents. Listen… {Read More »}

The Toilet on the Ice

In this short audio dispatch I describe one thing you might not think about when picturing us living on the iceā€”our toilet. Listen as I… {Read More »}

The Crevasse Encounter

In this audio dispatch I describe our first (and hopefully last!) encounter with a crevasse. … {Read More »}

Seeing Lake Mercer through the Ice

In this audio dispatch I describe a major achievement in our project: using radar technology to see Lake Mercer beneath the ice, gathering important data… {Read More »}

Our Voyage to Whillans Ice Stream

In this initial audio dispatch, I describe the long journey to our field camp, the logistics of setting up camp once we got there, and… {Read More »}

Crevasse Safety and Mental llusions

Any time we travel to a new area, we take a series of precautions to avoid crevasses. First, we look at high-resolution radar and visible… {Read More »}

Sighting Lake Mercer, and Skidoo Singing

Yesterday we made a trip to Lake Mercer, the second lake of the four lakes we plan to visit during our field work. The lake… {Read More »}