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Weddell Seals in Erebus Bay

Today we conducted an aerial survey of Weddell seals in Erebus Bay. Our project doesn’t usually spend much time observing seals, other than leopard seals… {Read More »}

Whales and Penguins

I guess I might as well show you, the reader, what the view is from the other direction. This picture wasn’t taken from the… {Read More »}

Thanksgiving at the Penguin Colony

CAPE ROYDS, ANTARCTICA-- Well, let’s see, it was chicken and oriental rice for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday eve, and a rousing blizzard outside. Only in the… {Read More »}

Penguins on the Scale

We’ve now got our stuff set up, including the weighbridge. This is an apparatus that identifies penguins (from the computer chip we inject under… {Read More »}

Setting up Royds Penguin Camp

Two of us, Jean Pennycook (a science teacher) and I, arrived at Cape Royds, landing by helicopter chock full of food boxes, camping gear, and… {Read More »}

Adventures with Adélie Penguins at Cape Royds in the 2007–08 Austral Summer

We have set out in the 12th year of a project in which we seek to understand why Adélie Penguin populations have been increasing in… {Read More »}

Preparing for Ice Camp

Slawek and I have now been in McMurdo for just over 48 hours. Because of our weather-caused delay, we’re now quite busy making all… {Read More »}

Finally, On the Ice!

After a six-day delay, we arrived yesterday at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The storm that had been preventing our departure finally cleared, and we had a… {Read More »}

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

We’re currently “stuck” in New Zealand, waiting for the weather to clear at McMurdo Station in Antarctica so we can fly in to begin… {Read More »}