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The Bears of Summer
Studying how polar bears fare during Arctic summers, which are lengthening due to climate change.
Digging Deep for Climate History
Seafloor drilling in the Bering Sea
Reading Snowflakes
Analyzing ice crystals for clues about climate change
The Breathing Tundra
Understanding the tundra’s role in regulating greenhouse gases and global climate change
Expedition to Greenland
Glacier Watch and Science Camps
Breaking the Ice
Doing research aboard a US Coast Guard Icebreaker
Trans Fat, Algae, and Arctic Climate Change
Mining lake sediments and using new molecular techniques to reconstruct Greenland's climate history
Behind Polar Science
Supporting research in extreme environments
Ancient Bones and Iñupiaq Culture
Racing to recover and study ancient remains in Alaska before they’re washed out to sea
The Changing Arctic
Studying the impacts of climate change on tundra ecosystems
Alaska’s Arctic Landscape Then and Now
Floating across Alaska to study vegetation change