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Title: Alkenones: Natural Thermometers
Description: To understand how Earth’s climate system has changed over time, scientists need to find, develop and use natural recorders of temperature and precipitation. One natural thermometer comes in the form of alkenones: trans-fats produced by certain algae.
Location:Arctic, North America
Keywords:climate change, climate history, paleoclimate, thermometer, trans-fats, algae, lakes, temperature, sediment cores, density, liquid, fats
Big Ideas:Climate, Climate Change, Climate History, Polar Geology, Ice and Sediment Cores
Projects:Arctic, Trans Fat, Algae, and Arctic Climate Change
Links:Dispatch: Alkenones: Natural Thermometers
Created By:Billy D'Andrea
Copyright:2008 Exploratorium, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License
Attribute As:Created by Billy D'Andrea for the Ice Stories project, © 2008 Exploratorium

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