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In our live webcast at the Exploratorium last weekend, (Ice Stories: Glaciologists WAIS) we aired some as-of-yet-unseen video dispatches I made at Siple Dome, Antarctica. During the webcast we also mentioned a couple of video dispatches we didn’t have time to get to– videos made out in the field on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. One of those videos was a tour I made of our camp on the ice sheet — which I am posting here.

Due to the winds that can pick up on the ice, some parts of the audio are harder to hear than others. Please be patient and adjust the volume accordingly– you really get to understand how hard it can be to hear people when it gets windy out there!

Our camp near Whillan’s Ice Stream on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

camptour.wmv (Windows)

camptour.mp4 (Everything else)

(Please click on one of the above links for the video.)

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