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Journal Entry 18: Monday, August 11, 2008

COLDFOOT, ALASKA– After a weaving flight through the mountains beneath the cloud ceiling, we are back at Coldfoot, beer-in-hand and sun-in-face. Should it end any other way? Well, in fact, it shall; Remember that, ultimately, we are out here trying to understand the heterogeneity of vegetation change in the arctic, much like sea ice scientists are trying to understand the heterogeneity of the disappearing sea ice. So, I’ll still be holding my breath until I can see, in figures resulting from these expeditions, the differences between expanding and stagnant shrub patches. Knowing these differences will help us understand and predict where, presently and in the future, shrubs are expanding or stagnating. This should yield greater insight into how the carbon cycle will be affected by changing arctic vegetation.

Left to right: Ty, Greta, Ben, and all the gear packed into the plane.

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  1. I didn’t know science could be so fun. Thanks for the great arctic trips Ken!

  2. Yo Ken, I’m stoked! See you soon up north!